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On-Site Chair Massage

Our On-Site Chair massage is popular with busy professionals who want to keep physically and mentally at the top of their game.

Massage Therapy for Executives and Corporate Employees

We bring a portable massage chair to your office or event to administer our On-Site massages. The massage chair is designed to seat you comfortably in an upright and forward facing position, and to enable the massage therapist to massage the neck, back, shoulders, arms, and hands. On-site massages are short (15-20 minutes) and the client remains fully clothed. After each client, the massage practitioner cleans and disinfects the massage chair and their hands.

Our On-Site Chair massage is popular with busy executives who want to keep physically and mentally at the top of their game.

Many companies also are making therapeutic massage an integral part of their wellness programs. Smart companies are implementing wellness programs to keep employees healthy and reduce the high costs of health care. Employees experience stress and physical problems associated with sitting at workstations for periods of time. These health problems result in lower productivity, lost work days, compensation claims, and other health care expenses. Companies have discovered that therapeutic massage sessions are a cost-effective way to help employees keep stress at bay, stay healthy, and boost morale.

The therapeutic benefits to executives and companies of an On-Site Chair massage include the following:

  • Safe, convenient, and cost-effective
  • Reduces the physical and mental effects of stress
  • Relieves physical problems associated with repetitive tasks
  • Improves alertness and ability to focus
  • Helps relieve tension headaches, and stiff and sore muscles
  • Improves immune system functioning resulting in better health, and resistance to colds and other illnesses
  • Boosts morale
  • Leaves employees feeling revitalized enabling them to be more productive

There are many ways to incorporate on-site massage into your workplace wellness program. Best results are achieved through regular sessions in an ongoing program. We can also provide on-site massage periodically for special occasions. On-site massage is also popular at special events:

  • Holidays, birthdays, and national secretary’s day
  • Company picnics or office parties
  • Health fairs
  • Conventions or Expos
  • Seminars and Meetings

Suggested Massage Therapy payment plans include:

Corporate Plan: The Company or Organization sponsors the total cost of the event

Shared Plan: The Company or Organization and the employees each pay a percentage of the cost of the event.

Employee Plan: The Employees pay the total cost of the event.

Special discounts are available for Non-profit Organizations, All Military Branches, and Large Groups. Receive an additional discount for recurring events. Call (619) 298-7268 for details.

Book Your Appointment Online

Busy professionals can book their massage appointments online at a time that is convenient to them. Book an appointment to come in our center for a massage or have us come to you for an onsite chair massage.